SWASA Nepal Newsletter 2022-2023

April 2023.

SWASA Nepal is a health and human rights based NGO located in Kathmandu. In local level, it works with Community Based Organizations (CBOs/Leaders). In National level, it works on increasing network. SWASA Nepal works in 7 provinces of Nepal with a federation of 20 sex worker led organizations, a sex worker led NGO and a collective of sex workers. It is known as Sex Worker and Allies to address socialinequality and to promote justice amongst Female Sex Workers. It focuses on building solidarity amongst diverse and marginalized Female Sex Workers using a rights’ centered approach to self- determination that organizes the voiceless to collectivize as a key strategy.

We have achieved progress by establishing 16 community-basedorganizations (CBOs) and 2 non-governmental organizations(NGOs) dedicated to supporting sex workers. Through these efforts, we have successfully trained and empowered 311 leaders.

Our organization and networks are expanding and becoming more robust, allowing us to extend our outreach to a total of 9,635 sex workers from 2019until now.

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